Creating value through interoperability for blockchains

Connect public and permissioned blockchains as well as traditional systems with Datachain's reliable solutions to prevent silos and accelerate data sharing and process collaboration.

Datachain Products Overview




A Hyperledger Labs project to enable interoperability between multiple heterogeneous ledgers and support cross-chain application development.

Interchain bridge

Interchain bridge

Middleware that enables interoperability between blockchains and legacy systems such as RDBMSs with a simple architecture.


Use Cases

Our products and solutions can be applied to a variety of fields.

Delivery Versus Payment (DVP)

Cross-chain atomic swap enables DvP settlements on multiple ledgers.

Payment Versus Payment (PVP)

Cross-chain atomic swap enables PvP settlements on multiple ledgers.

Supply Chain Finance

Connecting blockchains managing supply chain and payment blockchain to streamline the supply chain finance process.


Connecting blockchains for medical records and blockchains for insurance to streamline the process of receiving insurance payout.

Supply chain

Connecting blockchain services and legacy systems or multiple heterogenous blockchains.


Cross-chain atomic swap enables NFT on multiple ledgers to be interoperable.

Stable Coin

Enable payments by stable coins on heterogeneous ledgers.

Security Token

Cross-chain atomic swap between security token and payment token.

Case Studies


The world's first IBC demonstration of value transfer between Hyperledger Fabric and different blockchains without intermediaries. 

Toyota Financial Service

"Proof of Value" and "Ownership Transfer" of Vehicles on blockchains. 

Global Maker

Built a Robot data sharing platform for Smart Factories on Hyperledger Fabric


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