Enabling the World to Interact Transparently as One Network

In the future, a wide range of assets will be digitized on different blockchains. Although these assets will have programmable features, their potential will be limited if interoperability between blockchains isn’t achieved, leaving them isolated.

Datachain is a company that solves this problem with technology. By building infrastructure that connects various networks, we aim to make it possible for the world to interact as one network, making it easier to use a variety of services.

About Us

Corporate Name

Datachain, Inc.


March 12th, 2018

Board Members

Tetsushi Hisata, CEO

Jun Kimura, CTO

Susumu Toriumi, COO

Hideki Otsuka, Director

Sayuri Emi, Auditor


125 million yen


〒 106-0032 35th floor, Roppongi Grand Tower, 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo