Enabling the World to Interact Transparently as One Network

The Origin of the Datachain Logo

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Who We Are

Enabling the World to Interact Transparently as One Network

In the future, various assets will be digitized through blockchain technology, making the world more programmable. However, without interoperability between blockchains, each will remain isolated, limiting their benefits.

Datachain is solving this challenge with "technology." By creating infrastructure that connects different networks, we aim to make it possible for the world to interact as one network, making it easier to use a variety of services.

What We Do

Various use cases are emerging across different blockchain platforms. Datachain is dedicated to creating the infrastructure to connect these platforms and developing new use cases that leverage this interoperability.

Bridge Infrastructure

Our Products

YUI is a lab within the Hyperledger Foundation that aims to achieve interoperability between multiple heterogeneous ledgers via the IBC protocol.

LCP is a proxy for light client verification executed in TEE. LCP uses Intel SGX to provide light clients that are implemented in an enclave.

Cross Framework is a framework that enables distributed transactions across multiple blockchains.

Core Projects

We are driving projects forward with our partner companies in both the traditional financial sector (TradFi) and the emerging financial sector (DeFi).

Cross-border Stablecoin Remittance

Stablecoin with Progmat

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Cross-chain Bridge with TOKI

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Press Release

Demo of Cross-chain digital securities settlement with Stablecoin using IBC and LCP

April 27, 2023

Datachain has been working towards the commercialization of cross-chain settlement using digital securities and stablecoins since the partnership with Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank was announced in September 2022. We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully completed the first step towards commercialization, which was the technical verification phase!

Datachain Raises Funds from MUFG for Issuing and Circulating Stablecoins Across Multiple Chains, Including Ethereum

June 27, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Datachain has secured funding from MUFG. Through this round of funding, we will further enhance our cooperation with MUFG. Our collective focus is on the commercialization of initiatives that utilize stablecoins, security tokens (digital securities), and cross-chain technology.

Establishment of Progmat, Inc. as National Infrastructure towards Digital Asset Market in Japan

September 11, 2023


Datachain Unveils New Logo and Corporate Website

June 20, 2024

We are excited to announce that Datachain has launched a new logo and updated its corporate website.

Datachain to Present at Cosmoverse about Cross-chain Bridge with IBC

September 13, 2022

We’re delighted to announce that Datachain will participate in Cosmoverse as a panelist of the Cross-chain briding session with the Confio(CosmWasm) team, the Halborn team and the Composable Finance team.

Datachain to Present at Hyperledger Global Forum 2022 about Cross-chain Interoperability

August 2, 2022

Datachain will participate in the Hyperledger Global Forum 2022 as a panelist of the blockchain interoperability sessions and a demo session presenter explaining how to implement YUI, a Hyperledger Lab.

Management Team

Tetsushi Hisata

Founder and CEO

Founder of Speee Inc. In 2007, he founded Speee and became the CEO. In 2011, replaced the representative to concentrate on creating new businesses. In 2018, he founded Datachain Inc. and is in his current position.

Jun Kimura

Founder and CTO

After he sold Momentum.Inc, the first ad verification technology company in Japan, to a KDDI group company as the founding CTO, he launched Datachain. He led the research and development of LCP, Cross Framework, Hyperledger Labs YUI, etc.

Susumu Toriumi


After completing a PhD (Information Science and Engineering), engaged in strategy development and new business projects for a wide range of clients at Boston Consulting Group. At Datachain, he is involved in business development and strategy development.