Datachain to Present at Cosmoverse about Cross-chain Bridge with IBC


We’re delighted to announce that Datachain will participate in Cosmoverse as a panelist of the Cross-chain briding session with the Confio(CosmWasm) team, the Halborn team and the Composable Finance team.

Datachain has worked on solving blockchain interoperability challenges. We are the core contributor of Hyperledger Labs YUI, which enables trustless cross-chain interoperability between multiple heterogeneous blockchains with the IBC protocol. With funding from the Interchain Foundation, we implemented IBC-Solidity (the IBC implementation in Solidity), the best-known module in YUI.

In addition, we have unveiled a new middleware called LCP, which brings extensibility and cost-efficiency to IBC by its proxy architecture using TEE (Intel SGX). LCP will help implement trust-minimized and cost-efficient cross-chain bridges using IBC.

We are excited to be part of this Cosmos/IBC ecosystem and want to create the interchain world with you all. Please feel free to contact us and have a quick talk in Medellin!