Datachain to Present at Hyperledger Global Forum 2022 about Cross-chain Interoperability


Datachain will participate in the Hyperledger Global Forum 2022 as a panelist of the blockchain interoperability sessions and a demo session presenter explaining how to implement YUI, a Hyperledger Lab.

Datachain has worked on solving blockchain interoperability challenges. We are the initial committer of YUI, which enables trustless cross-chain interoperability between multiple heterogeneous blockchains through Cosmos IBC, and also develops Cross Framework that enables cross-chain transactions.

We are excited to be part of these global movements of adopting blockchain technology in various fields such as payments, digital currencies, securities, supply chain, etc. With our expertise in blockchain interoperability technologies, we’re happy to discuss future opportunities and work together to advance the movements.

About our Presentations

Here is the information about the presentations by Datachain.

Demo: Interoperability with Hyperledger Lab YUI

This session covers the basic idea of YUI and how to use YUI to achieve cross-chain transactions (interoperability) between different blockchains. YUI is a lab to achieve trustless interoperability between multiple heterogenous ledgers using Cosmos’ IBC protocol. As YUI supports permissioned blockchains such as Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Besu, Hyperledger Iroha and Corda, enterprise companies such as NTT DATA, JCB and HITACHI have conducted proof-of-concept using YUI. The session will explain how to implement YUI modules to enable interoperability in those use cases above.

Panel Discussion: Blockchain Interoperability with Hyperledger Cactus, Weaver, and YUI

Join this session to take a deeper dive into blockchain interoperability and hear open-collaboration examples of how the three key Hyperledger blockchain interoperability projects are addressing challenges. During the panel discussion, you’ll hear from the project maintainers, Venkatraman Ramakrishna from Hyperledger Labs Weaver, Susumu Toriumi from Hyperledger Labs YUI, Peter Somogyvari and Takuma Takeuchi from Hyperledger Cactus. These maintainers will each discuss progress updates, past and current contributions, and plans to ensure these different blockchain interoperability initiatives can work cohesively, while maintaining standardization and avoiding redundancy.

  • Moderator: Tracy Kuhrt, Accenture
  • Speakers: Takuma Takeuchi, Fujitsu; Peter Somogyvari; Venkatraman Ramakrishna, IBM; Susumu Toriumi, Datachain
  • Date&Time: ​​September 13, 16:30–17:10 (UTC +1)
  • URL:

About Hyperledger Global Forum 2022

Hyperledger Global Forum is the biggest annual gathering of the global Hyperledger community. It is a unique opportunity for contributors, members, service providers and enterprise end users from around the world to meet, align, plan and hack together in person. The event is open to any and all who are involved or interested in using, developing or learning more about Hyperledger’s open source enterprise blockchain technologies. Attendees will hear directly from those who are actively developing and deploying Hyperledger technologies as well as technology and business leaders who are shaping the future of enterprise blockchain. They will also have the chance to talk directly with Hyperledger project maintainers and the Technical Steering Committee, collaborate with other organizations on ideas that will directly impact the future of Hyperledger Foundation, and promote their work among the communities.

About Datachain

Datachain is a blockchain startup founded in 2018 and has worked on creating value through interoperability for blockchains. Datachain is the initial committer of YUI, a Hyperledger Lab, that enables interoperability between multiple heterogeneous blockchains via Cosmos IBC and develops Cross Framework that enables cross-chain transactions. Granted by Interchain Foundation and Harmony, and as a member of Hyperledger Foundation and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Datachain provides its interoperability solutions to contribute to those communities. For more information about Datachain, please visit Follow Datachain on Twitter.

We have just unveiled a new product “LCP,” which is a proxy middleware for light client verification to realize trust-minimized and gas-efficient cross-chain briges. Learn more from the link below: