A Hyperledger Labs project to enable interoperability between multiple heterogeneous ledgers and support cross-chain application development.

(Currently supports Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Besu and Corda)


Key Features


Cross-authentication allows blockchains to be interoperable without requiring a trusted third party by on-chain verification

Blockchain-agnostic communication specs

By using a unified communication protocol, we can introduce a blockchain-agnostic message layer between blockchains

Arbitrary data transfer and computation

By exchanging messages with a unified communication protocol, arbitrary data transfer and computation is possible. It also enables developers to implement arbitrary application logic that are not limited to a token transfer.


Cross Framework

A framework that eases the development of cross-chain smart contracts; smart contracts exchange data and invoke processes distributed across multiple different blockchains.

IBC Module

Utilize inter-blockchain communication (IBC) protocol ,which is based on cross-authentication and support various blockchain platforms


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